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for January 1, 1998 and January 1, 1999!

Once upon a time, when little radios brought big, distant radio stations into the homes and hearts of boys and girls all over North America....


... there was a VERY big radio station called WLS in Chicago Illinois, and a very nice man named Art Roberts.

Art Roberts at WCFL in 1972

On the night of the first day of 1966, it was a good time for the good sound of Music Spectacular '66, on the Art Roberts Show.

Someone, somewhere, was listening and made a recording. 31 years later, that tiny piece of history returned to its creator, who has shared it with us, here.

You'll hear it all - exactly as they heard it then, complete with some static and fading. For the New Year of 1998 and beyond, we remember the wonder of AM radio - skipping through the cold winter night to millions of listeners, some who were thousands of miles away.

Real Audio 28.8
Art Roberts on WLS, January 1, 1966, Part 1 (51:27)

. . . Happy New Year, from the ABC Radio Network!

This special, unedited presentation of the 9-10 PM hour on January 1, 1966 was originally presented as a 1998 New Year's Special, and was so popular that it charted several times during 1998.

For January 1, 1999, we present Part Two!

Real Audio 28.8
PLAY Art Roberts on WLS, January 1, 1966, Part 2 (51:27)

Part Two of this genuine, off-the-air, unedited recording of Art Roberts on WLS includes the 10 to 11 PM hour, and the "first guest teen disc jockey of 1966", Rick Rivkin from Skokie, Illinois, and a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. We wondered where Rick is today, and if his 15 minutes of fame (literally) on 50 kilowatt WLS changed his life. On April 2, 2001, Rick stopped by and left a comment. (CLICK BELOW).

Art Roberts passed away March 6, 2002, following a stroke. He was 70.



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