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. . . Now, that's a lagniappe! . . .

[Description and Music Restoration by Uncle Ricky]

This amazing aircheck from 1963 WNOE had many technical problems, so the music has been restored. It's music from 1963, and as such, more of the best top 40 music ever played on the radio. The restoration could be better, in my opinion, but time marches on.

However, the 'scoped version is so much more important for the quality and flavor of this iconic medium-market Top 40 in New Orleans. Is this morning guy Bob Chase the same morning guy who was in Atlanta a year earlier? Bob's recurring gag seems to be "goofy". He was having machine problems on this morning in June 1963, more than once. The REAR WINDOW promo is frightening enough for most of us, promising a reward of One Thousand Sixty Dollars!

Guess what? AIR CONDITIONING was the best thing that could happen to you in the Summer of 1963 — in your car, in your office — in New Orleans. You will hear an ultra-classic spot for The Day Of The Triffids, learn about Regal Beer's LanYaps, and marvel at the great locally-produced news and sports presentation. The Award for Best Use Of Repeated Tympani Effects In A Top 40 Newscast goes to this aircheck.

Located Just Five Blocks From The Sheraton-Charles Hotel!. Wow, such a hotel it must have been, and to be only five blocks from it! Oh well. This station had a great history and they warned us against the danger of The Triffids. If only we had listened. Nevertheless, this exhibit ends with great exuberance, thanks to Chubby Checker!


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