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PLAYDave Diamond, WIL St. Louis, August 6, 1963 (29:41)

. . . maybe that's what's wrong with our Supreme Court decisions . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Yes, this is the same Dave Diamond who was so well-known in later years for his work at KHJ, KBLA, KFWB, KFRC, KRLA and KFI.

REELRADIO received this tape many years ago, when Tom Konard was still actively operating Aircheck Factory. It was put aside because, very honestly, the fidelity is horrid. It was ruined years ago when someone ignored the level and blew out the bottom end. Perhaps it goes all the way back to the original recording. In any event, if you can tolerate the ghastly low-end distortion, you'll hear a great line-up of 1963 Top 40 music (such a GREAT year for music!) and lots of the bells and whistles that made early Top 40 so much fun on WIL and other original stations of the Top 40 format.

As of 2009, Dave Diamond is in South Dakota, managing Radio & TV operations at Black Hills State University. On this early aircheck, it's obvious his "style" was all natural. It didn't change over the years. He's relaxed, friendly, and clever.


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