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PLAYGerry Peterson, KCBQ San Diego, September 24, 1977 (30:59)

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. . . Go on down there and get yourself hosed off, if you know what I mean . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

We have featured bits and pieces of KCBQ Program Director Gerry Peterson over the years at REELRADIO, but this is our first unscoped aircheck of Gerry on his afternoon drive show. Contributor Tom Konard says it is from September 24, 1977.

And although it's too short, it's still an excellent representation of hit music and tight formatics on a legendary AM in 1977. Eventually, the "Q" lost dominance and B-100 (KFM-BFM) was #1.

Though a couple of times, all he says is 'K-C-B-Q', I like Peterson's delivery here. He sounds like he's having fun. There's a wide variety of music in this 30 minutes, and 1977 wasn't a complete wasteland musically, as some believe. This is another "line capture", so the fidelity is very good. (The last song was restored.)


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