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. . . Chicago's Bold New Beat for the Bold New Breed . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This composite of Jim Stagg on WCFL from March and April, 1966 is an engaging presentation of the great Draper-Blore Voice of Labor format with a championship staff. Two years later, WLS would dominate Chicago radio.

There are three segments, divided by two partial and one complete newscast. The first segment is about 20 minutes and from the week of March 17, 1966; the second and third segments are both about 30 minutes and from the week of April 7, 1966 and the week of March 31, 1966. These dates are our best guess based on John Celarek's excellent WCFL Surveys Book. No songs are repeated in the 76 minutes, so it made sense to put them together in this mega-composite. This is another studio capture and the fidelity is a blessing.

There's a promo with the staff on a first-name basis with Chicago, real-time voting on a new song with Instant Action Projection, and the announcement of a public viewing of the official Chickenman oil portrait. Even Jim Runyon shows up on a spot for a Ronnie Dove record! Hey, everyone started somewhere. And don't let your "mass of class" get in the way of Trooper 36-24-36. She's got traffic

Stay tuned for a portion of an interview with The Kingsmen (they speak better than they sing), several classic spots, and some original WCFL station promotional announcements. When A Hit Happens, the odds are - it happened here, first. First Class all the way!


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