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PLAYLarry O'Brien, WNOR Norfolk, VA. August 11, 1970 (01:02:31)

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. . . Well, that's what happens when you work for two radio stations because you're greedy for money . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Here's a Larry O'Brien program recorded for WNOR, and specifically for the date of August 11, 1970. Larry is "The Mouth Of The South", has the WNOR jingles and a couple of live spots, too! O'Brien was full-time at WCFL at the time, so this had to be a one-time event.

Larry alternates between being a nice guy, off the wall and a little acerbic, at any moment, flipping from one to another, requiring the listener to pay close attention. This is a jock who doesn't waste words, and he's not restricted by the WCFL format, even though that's where this hour was recorded.

Jingle fans will be delighted to hear the "Hit Song" from PAMS superstar Trella Hart, plus the bonus jingle.


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