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PLAYLou Roberts, WRIT Milwaukee, WI May 24, 1974 (01:07:28)

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. . . oh, a tasty slice, but rather stale slice of Bread . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Contributor Tom Konard wrote that he first met Lou Roberts when Lou was working at WYFE in Rockford, Illinois. They remained friends as Lou moved to Milwaukee, first at WRIT, and shortly after, at WOKY. He moved to Baltimore and WCAO after that. This is a "line check" of Lou on his WRIT morning show from May 24, 1974.

WRIT had a history of Top 40, but this morning drive hour includes lots of weather, sports, news, and modern "Adult Contemporary" music/oldies — Mostly recurrents, a couple of currents, and typical of the tried and true hit music that appealed to young adults at the time. We don't know what the station sounded like the rest of the day in 1974.

Howard Cosell concludes the hour with Speaking of Sports.


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