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. . . and I am a tired wrangler . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

A 6-minute, edited and loosely-scoped prequel to this exhibit was first presented by REELRADIO on September 26, 1999. The comments on that exhibit are interesting, but didn't tell us there was more. This aircheck picks up a few minutes after that one and times out at about 97 minutes. While the fidelity varies, it is a narrowband off-air recording of AM radio, after all, complete with static and otherworldly noise.

This is the best example yet of the wide variety of music that KCBQ 1170 was playing in January, 1969. It's not a typical Top 40 playlist, and Lee Simms was not your typical Top 40 DJ. In fact, everything in this exhibit is special, including the classic edited PAMS jingle that appears several times. You will also hear almost all of the John DeMott newscast, which begins with a report of a WOR traffic helicopter crashing into a building, killing the pilot.

The spots (commercial announcements) are often favorites and it's fun to hear an authentic advertisement for the Arch Oboler film, The Bubble, as well as the local rock concert spots.

This exhibit was contributed in three pieces, but they were not contiguous. Some music was restored, and you'll hear some editing to compensate for the incomplete newscast. What we really don't know is what happened after the sports and how Lee got into the next record.

But, even the 37-minute 'scoped version of this one is a worthy demonstration of 1969 KCBQ, and a wonderful memory of the late "Lee Baby".


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