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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
PLAYMark Edwards WLCY St. Petersburg Tampa Bay FL 1968 (30:40)

. . . on Fun Radio, the Electric Edwards . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Mark "Electric" Edwards is featured in this unscoped exhibit from WLCY, St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Florida, on August 7, 1968. There are some serious noise problems in the last third of this aircheck, but they've been left intact for the rare examples of stiff music selection. Otherwise, this is a great-sounding narrowband aircheck.

There are four listings for Mark Edwards at 440 Satisfaction but none of them seems to fit this fellow. Once again, our visitors may have background we don't, via COMMENT, below.


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