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[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This doesn't happen too often, but with the addition of this KCBQ aircheck from July 28, 1967, we are able to compare San Diego's Top Two Top 40 stations on the same day. The other station, of course, was Bill Drake's KGB. A jingle precedes the music on KGB, whereas music comes directly out of stopsets at KCBQ, with no ID most of the time, and only a single acapella jingle (with a summer sound effect) infrequently. The reverb on demand is still in use, while KGB has no reverb at all.

Even more interesting is Mike Scott, (aka Big Mike) who sounds remarkably different from his November 1968 KCBQ aircheck. On this 1967 aircheck, he sounds almost like he is channeling Murray The K. He admits he is and will be "talkin' trash", and he uses made-up words like "rassoflak". However, there are a lot of very kind comments about Mike and his contribution to KCBQ on his other aircheck, and there's a "staff" promo on this one that emphasizes the quality of talent at the station in July, 1967.

This exhibit opens with a San Diego lifeguard named Thomas who offers an idyllic beach report. San Diego, 1967 offered perfect weather and two of the greatest Top 40 stations ever.


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