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PLAYScott Walker, Carl Mann, KOMA Oklahoma City,
August 17, 1971

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (16:34)

. . . No newsman tonight, good, he's in there sleeping again . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Actually, there is a newsman on duty (or cart?) in this "line check" of the mighty 1520/KOMA in Oklahoma City, from August 17, 1971. It runs from approximately 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM, so we get the last half-hour of Scott's show, and the first half-hour of Carl's show. But both Scott Walker and Carl Mann seem to have a problem with the news intro because it starts when it shouldn't!

"Carly" Mann has a live report from All Sports Stadium about the Oklahoma City 89ers' baseball game. The playlist is a big surprise and it's even fair to say it doesn't become discomforting until 42 minutes in, and even then, it gets better after a couple of songs. Lots of mid-charters here, and that sure does sound like Casey Kasem on the Stag Beer spot! ("Stag Beer - when you don't have a date.")

The opening song, and the closing song, were restored.


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