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PLAYGranny Goose, WFEA Manchester NH August 2 1970  (01:01:09)
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. . . Never heard anyone whistle quite so scratchily . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

Fidelity-Wise: Ouch! It's not a good demonstration of our ability to stream hi-fi music, so the 'scoped version is recommended. This exhibit had some technical issues, more than could be polished away in reasonable time.

The Goose is on the loose, with all the Young Americans, and he is engaged with his music. This rare recording of Lyle "Granny" Goose on WFEA in Manchester, New Hampshire features Mr. Goose as Local Newsman and Off-The-Wall Rock Music DJ. WFEA is a somewhat legendary AM station on 1370Khz way up north on the almost very-most northeast coast of the U.S.A. It ain't Maine, but it's our first New Hampshire Top 40 aircheck. More informed friends are welcome to COMMENT, below.

This aircheck features ABC Contemporary newscaster Scott Schurian and it's a serious reminder of the political and social climate in the U.S.A. at the time. The exhibit concludes with Jim Nettleton and an ABC RetroRock feature.

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