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. . . On we go, bumpin' and a-jumpin' on the Saturday show . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

Right off, the date shown for this exhibit is wrong, but it is the original date for an exhibit contributed back in 2004. It sounds like the music for this recording was restored, so maybe that's where the date went wrong. But Mad Daddy (aka: Pete Myers, 1928-1968) says it's a Saturday, so maybe it was November 30, 1963. If so, this program was broadcast just 8 days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and even Mad Daddy was "back to normal."

Since this program is so similar to the WINS August 13, 1963 recording, could it have been pre-recorded for both dates? In fact, with all the production elements required for the show, it seems reasonable that it might be pre-recorded.

Regardless of the source, Daddy sings a WINS jingle again, rolls out a long list of dedications, and repeatedly asks for mail. Yes, actual mail, requiring an envelope and a stamp. It might be difficult using this method to demonstrate support in 2015. Our thanks to contributor Andy Bologovsky.

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