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PLAYMickey Shorr, CKLW Logger December 31, 1973 Pt. 5  (01:14:21)

. . . Zero, Zero, Zero, Nuttin', Nuttin', Nuttin' . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

Part Five of this Extended-Play CKLW Logger Tape was recorded on the last day of 1973, from 6:17 until 7:31 AM. It features the unconventional and unpredictable Mickey Shorr, subbing for Detroit radio veteran Dave Shafer. Shorr rarely identifies artists or song titles in this hour. Nevertheless, he sounds excited about most everything, and he never forgets to hit the call letters!

This recording, like the previous CKLW Logger Tapes presented in The Andy Bologovsky Collection was recovered from the original logger reels by restorian Charlie Ritenburg. The fidelity is comparable to a recording made from a narrow-band AM receiver in the local signal area of the mighty CKLW.

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