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Is Paul Dead? KGB San Diego October 18 1969

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. . . We speculate that Paul was only dead spiritually . . .


Bobby Ocean produced this way back in 1969, and in 2011, someone sent him this aircheck of the orignal KGB broadcast. He's not sure who sent it to him, but he does agree it's from KGB-AM, San Diego, and was probably aired on October 18, 1969. This imaginative piece places us right back there in 1969, at the peak of the "Paul Is Dead" era. Certainly, one of the earliest examples of "social networking" and "going viral" for young Baby Boomers and maybe... Beatles? Best of all, the conclusion is life-affirming, and not about death at all.

We're unsure as to the name of the unidentified narrator. Bobby narrated a portion of the show and produced the program, and he recalls:

It's a solid two half-hour blocks. I recall the show was pieced together on the fly from received Detroit newspaper stories and notes, uncannily timed phone conversations with "enlightened" hippy girls and mysterious tracks and phone calls that came out of nowhere and seemed to fall into my lap while I, in a zone, was audio-painting the story that emerged from all this material.
I remember at first feeling flooded with nonsense. But, hell, if I could interpret Buzz Bennett, I ought to be able to fit this puzzle together. Then I spotted a pattern, and after that it was easy to follow the story's possibilities, and so on. What better material to work with is there than the Beatles? And all this was all mastered to magnetic tape through a one-track Ampex machine.