February 22, 1998

Bobby Rich, remembered by fans of youth-targeted Top 40 as the master programmer behind San Diego's B-100 in 1975, moved to Tucson, Arizona after winning three consecutive Air Personality and Program Director of the Year Awards from Billboard magazine in the late 80's. Bobby says, "My wife and I decided it would be really interesting to choose where we wanted to live, and then get a job after we got there. And that's what brought us here to Tucson."

Bobby Rich and Brad Behan
Bobby Rich and Brad Behan
Bobby hired Brad Behan as his morning show cohost in 1993; Bobby and Brad are currently the morning team on KMXZ (94.9) MIXfm in Tucson, Arizona.

Brad Behan being happy!
Brad Behan in Denver
But Bobby and Brad are cyber-partners.

Brad lives in Denver.

They are connected via ISDN and Internet, which facilitates video and high-fidelity, full-duplex audio. Featured in an article in The Arizona Daily Star in September of 1997 as "Virtual Partners", the newspaper teased the article as "KMXZ Radio has a secret!" Bobby and Brad had not explained on-air that they worked in different cities. What's interesting about this pairing is not just the technology that makes it possible - it's the decisions of two professionals to work together from (their choice) of different locations.
Bobby Rich and Brad Behan on Computer Monitor

It's a Tucson radio station - and it's a Tucson morning show. Bobby generously shared a sample of the studio skimmer (which is located in Tucson) from October 1, 1997. There's absolutely no reason to suspect that Bobby and Brad aren't both in Tucson, in the same room, a few feet apart, doing a morning show - together. Listen and enjoy.

Update: April, 2008

Following a Radio and Records feature in March, 2008 about Bobby's fifteen years in the Tucson market, we asked him if he was still doing the show with Brad.

His reply:

"Well, I was until last October when he, uh, yah know, left. But when people ask where he went I can honestly say "Oh, he just stayed in Colorado!". ;-)"

PLAY Bobby Rich and Brad Behan on KMXZ Tucson 1997 (9:52)

Leah Dalton with Bobby Rich
Producer Leah Dalton with Bobby Rich (in Tucson). Brad (in Denver) is on the monitor in the foreground.
94.9 MIX-FM The segment includes a feature on e-mail, but there is no mention of the reality that the show itself is made possible by high-speed data communication and the Internet. You will note the aircheck concludes with a news report regarding a change in employee's attitudes about moving for employment. Undoubtedly, there will be more of this.

The Repository thanks Bobby for sharing.

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