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PLAYHistory of Rock and Roll 1981 Excerpts (20:13)

. . . and a dash of good, clean filth . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky, April 11 2004]

"This is a Sneak Preview of the Silver Anniversary Edition of The History Of Rock And Roll."

As of the debut of this exhibit on April 11, 2004, this is a demo for the last Drake-Chenault Version of The History of Rock And Roll, Silver Anniversary Edition, syndicated on vinyl in 1981. This is the flip-side of the vinyl LP with Making Of The History Of Rock And Roll, which is also in The Curt Lundgren Collection.

Lots of outstanding voice work by Bill Drake. Has he done any voice work since then? Great scripts, delightful production. First-Class! You'll hear about and from Dion DiMucci, Elvis Presley, Smokey Robinson, The Beatles, 10cc, Diana Ross, Chicago, Barry Manilow, the Bee Gees, Kenny Rogers, Donna Summer, and Billy Joel.

I bought this syndicated feature for my radio station (KROY-FM) in 1981. We ran some TV spots to promote it, and I think we got some new listeners. We dutifully returned the LPs after our contracted period. I still wonder what happened to the returned LPs. Did they end up on E-Bay, or did Drake-Chenault destroy their product before disappearing into radio legend? And how many radio station people just took them home instead of returning them?

And, I heard that there's some sort of new plan for an updated edition of The History of Rock and Roll, under the dubious auspices of That Giant Radio Conglomerate. I can't wait to hear Ryan Seacrest detail the histories of popular "hip-hop" artists. "After parole, he had two number one hits before being shot to death by unknown assailants".

Hey, I remember when "Hanky Panky" was Number One, but I never wanted to murder Tommy James And The Shondells.

Our thanks again to Curt Lundgren for the last great demo of the Drake-Chenault era.


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