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PLAYDandy Dan Daniel, Last Weekday Show, WCBS-FM
December 31, 2002

. . . You, You bo boo, banana fanna fo foo . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Dave Saviet]

This is the last hour of Dandy Dan Daniel's regular weekday show on WCBS-FM New York, from December 31, 2002.

There's a nice sampling of Sixties in the music mix, and Dandy Dan is as tight as he was at WMCA almost forty years earlier.

For the most part, WCBS-FM sounded great in this period, but why was it necessary to roll a percussion track under Daniel's extended talk sets? Hey, we're all adults here. Can't we handle someone talking to us without something going thumpa thumpa boompa boom in the background? Sure, the kids in urban areas live with noise 24 hours a day, but why does a New York radio personality with decades of experience need a rhythm track when he talks? To add insult to injury, the track isn't long enough and has to be re-started.

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