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PLAYBobby Tripp KHJ Los Angeles July 1967 (13:19)

. . . friction and fact — not fiction and fract — from Bobby Tripp's almanac . . .

TECH NOTE: There's nothing we could do about the low-end distortion! The fidelity is poor but the content is excellent — It's our first aircheck of Bobby Tripp on KHJ.
[Description by Don Jennett]

Formerly Bobby Mitchell at KYA, Bobby Tripp (d. 1968) came to KHJ in early 1967. One of the best Top 40 jocks ever, on this aircheck Bobby plays the hits but nonetheless admits that he's none too fond of The Beach Boys new single, Heroes And Villians.

Ron Jacobs has stated his admiration and respect for Tripp, whom he says punched the KHJ clock every day, knowing he had a terminal disease.


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