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PLAYDave Diamond, KRTH Los Angeles June 1998 (20:32)

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

. . . before I took that wrong turn into Burbank one night and got lost in the Diamond mine . . .

Here's Los Angeles Top 40 Veteran Dave Diamond on KRTH June 15, 1998. It was Guest Week at KRTH, (New York Top 40 Veteran Dan Ingram was also featured during this week) and this was allegedly Mr. Diamond's "audition" for the coveted KRTH morning slot, left vacant with the passing of Robert W. Morgan. And, this aircheck has an aircheck! It begins with short selections of Diamond on Boss Radio KHJ. Charlie Van Dyke, who eventually accepted the KRTH morning slot, is heard on station "imaging" elements.

As always, this exhibit is a reference point to the time it was recorded. (COMMENTS are not intended to provide a forum for discussion of KRTH today.)


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