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. . . everybody's duty to try to keep down what happened in Detroit . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for this exhibit contributed by Don Jennett]

Picture of Johnnie Darin
Johnnie Darin
Johnnie Darin was well-known to Los Angeles, but here's Johnnie pre-LA at Boss KGB in San Diego, with quite a lot to do. This aircheck opens with a double "live" read, but there is also a newscast, complete with actualities. I can't envision him pulling copy off the teletype and prefer to think Johnnie had an intern to put the newscast and sound together. Did any of his Boss brothers at KHJ ever deliver a newscast? And did any have beach surf reports from a lifeguard?

A KGB Concert with The Lovin' Spoonful and Simon & Garfunkel was scheduled for the evening of this broadcast. Johnnie counts down hits #29 through #18, we come back later and get #5 through #1. The countdown starts over with #300 and #299, then fades on the intro to #298. In the last part, someone involved with the history of this recording had a recorder that didn't like the Boss Bass. The Bass won.

KGB fans can hear additional presentations of this All-Time Top 300 with Bob Elliot and Bill Wade here. Johnnie Darin passed away on March 9, 2014. He was 74.


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