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. . . a free Thanksgiving turkey to the 7th caller . . .

[Description by contributor Don Jennett]

This one is very low fidelity, (for that reason, the music has been restored) but it's a one-of-a-kind classic. It's a Thursday aircheck (7:30-8:15pm), and it would appear that Don Steele is sick or on vacation. Rather than using a relief jock, KHJ went with four-hour shifts, with Johnny Mitchell taking 4-8pm and Tommy Vance 8pm-midnight. Presumably, Gary Mack did Noon-4pm.

A vintage Revlon "Fernanda Waltmiller" spot is included in the Bill Brown newscast. And Mike Garrett of USC wins the Heisman Trophy.

Within three weeks of this aircheck, Tommy Vance received his draft papers into the U.S. Army, so he decided to return to England, where he did his first show on Radio Caroline South on January 3, 1966. And Johnny Mitchell's real name was Gerald Edward Phillips. He left KHJ in January 1967 (replaced by Humble Harve) for KFRC and took the air name Sebastian Stone (d. November 11, 1987.)


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