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PLAYLarry Lujack, WCFL Chicago, June 19 1973 (14:44)

. . . The whole thing is so futile . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for this exhibit contributed by Don Jennett]

Never before have we heard master curmudgeon Larry Lujack in a more acerbic mood than he was on Super CFL in this 'scoped aircheck of the 5-6PM hour on Tuesday, June 19, 1973. His show closing is so comically maudlin you might believe he wasn't planning to come back the next day! This one was found in a box of 7-inch reel tapes from Don Jennett.

Perhaps it was the apparently indecipherable tag copy (at 00:58) that set him off, but his "Klunk Letter" on the half hour (starts at 05:00) is all Lar'. Here's nearly five solid minutes of Lujack monologue on complaints about currently popular songs, and it is all very funny.

Only SuperJock could pull this off, and he did! His "bad-boy" act on The Voice Of Labor and the latest "controversial" rock 'n' roll represent Top 40 excellence!


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