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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (11Khz)
PLAYMark Elliot, KHJ Los Angeles, June 25 1975 (Hour 2) (56:30)

Play Scoped, with the music removed This Exhibit 'SCOPED (20:31)

. . . Your right - our responsibility . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for this exhibit contributed by Don Jennett]

Surprising to find some (if not all) of the music on this aircheck running fast. Normally, this means the entire tape is running fast, but every spot timed *perfectly*, leading to the conclusion that KHJ was speeding up the music! A surprise, because no one associated with KHJ has ever confirmed it. Yet, if the spots are perfectly on time, but the music is fast, what other conclusion can there be?

Two songs in this aircheck were restored. The first was speed-enhanced to match the original recording, the second was not (because it ends the aircheck.)

Here's the second hour (first hour is here) of Mark Elliot on 93 KHJ from Wednesday, June 25, 1975. The exceptionally smooth Elliot turns in another formatically perfect hour on America's Number One Music Station.

Production wizard Bobby Ocean is featured on a promo for The Special of the Month, featuring Tony Orlando and Dawn, and legendary pitchman Tom Campbell is heard for Cal Stereo.

Lyle Kilgore is included with a complete edition of KHJ Hotline news. To KHJ's credit, you'll hear two community service features: One with tips on getting a summer job, and another called Free Speech. There's also a plug for the KHJ JobLine. And who said government broadcast regulation was always a bad thing?

Contributor Don Jennett thanks Bob Ballistieri, a Bay Area collector, who originally recorded this aircheck on a visit to L.A. Part 3 is here.


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