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. . . that song has always reeked with nostalgia . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for this exhibit contributed by Don Jennett]

Picture of Tom Maule
Tom Maule
(a few years after this aircheck)
Welcome to 1964 San Diego, where South Coast Surfboard Shop is featured along with other local business as sponsors of young pre-Boss Tom Maule on KGB. Best of all, it's a Million Dollar Weekend!

Tom claims The Kingsmen hail from San Diego (where the temperature is given in Kay-Gee-BEE-grees), though Joel Whitburn wrote they were from Portland, Oregon.

There are quite a few acapella jingles in this exhibit. It's often difficult to be sure about the source of acapellas, but you will also hear some PAMS Series 26 (Let's Go America!) jingles, along with two newscasts presented by Maule.

No Christmas Tree over $2.88? Others as low as 58 cents? At those prices, it's a wonder there's any forest left in Washington state.

(Editor's note: Two songs were restored, one was incomplete and removed.)


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