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PLAYBanana Joe, Y-100 WHYI-FM Miami FL March 25, 1974 (01:19:19)

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. . . I'm hooked on your banana . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for Contributor Eric Rhoads]

This exhibit of Banana Joe on Y-100 on March 25, 1974 is loud and fun. I remember when THIS was the sound you expected on a hot Top 40/CHR station in the early evening. Even today, Banana Joe makes me smile. It's all "in your face".

There's a deep recurrent presence musically, so it's not just "currents" on this legendary market leader. It's all early and mid '70's hits. Did I mention that Bananish really does sound like he's enforcing good times and high spirits?

The original aircheck was mostly 'scoped at the beginning, but mostly unscoped by the end. So, music was restored where necessary. And the original aircheck was monaural, as is this exhibit.

COMMENT Banana Joe, Y-100 WHYI-FM Miami FL March 25, 1974


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