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PLAY B100 San Diego First Birthday Composite, 1976 (13:28)

. . . didit didit didit . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

A much shorter composite of The B-100 First Birthday Celebration was posted way back in June, 1996, in The Dick Stoddard Collection.

In June 2013, this exhibit is ten minutes longer and sounds worlds better than our original Real Audio 2 archive. We do not know, however, if the original composite was even longer.

Bobby Rich, who has been more closely affiliated with REELRADIO in recent years during our TurkeyFest streaming specials, wrote this description about this classic composite 17 years ago!

B-100 signed on in 1975... I was the original pd. We turned off a Beautiful Music format and turned on high energy Top 40--targeted 12-24. A year later we celebrated with 100 hours commercial free... and we invited "friends" to come to San Diego and pull an hour or two. Many of those on the full tape (which I edited with hundreds of cuts!) were B-100 past, present (at the time) and future jocks. Others were just jocks we knew who wanted to be part of it. This tape has become a classic and I STILL hear about it regularly... usually from some jock or pd who tells me they play it at staff meetings to get the talent excited about how FUN our biz should be.
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