GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Barry Brown for letting us know he was on the radio! Barry is, (with our thanks!) the System Administrator for REELRADIO.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 16.2 Kbps (8KHz)
PLAY David Lawrence, Online Tonight, KFBK Sacramento with Barry Brown, 9-20-2000 (02:57)

. . . so you're their sysadmin? Cool! . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky ]

Barry Brown
Resembles Driver's Ed Teacher
Barry Brown, who configured and maintains the expanding REELRADIO server farm, actually likes radio! He has even been known to listen to David Lawrence (on AM!) and Online Tonight on 50KW KFBK in Sacramento, former home of ex-Top-40-DJ Dave Williams (When this exhibit first appeared in September 2000, Dave was at KABC in Los Angeles.)

David Lawrence
Resembles Driver's Ed Student
As a faithful listener, Barry scored tickets to attend the NAB-related on-location broadcast of Online Tonight with David Lawrence on September 20, 2000. Barry appeared on the program from the CNET TV studios in the San Francisco bay area.

Hey, it's an aircheck, and that's what we do. Plus, it's our bud Barry, and September 18th is Barry's Birthday. As for Mr. Lawrence, September 20th is his birthday, and we are still looking for his airchecks. (Q-107?) However, we proudly verify inclusion of the Bob James Collection contributed by Dan Haber.

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