GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Chris Borden, who received this 'scoped aircheck from Charlie Brown. Chris said he had no idea the aircheck existed.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Chris Borden, KEWB Oakland, CA. August 10, 1961 (53:17)

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. . . With a gosh darn here and a gall bladder there . . .

[Description by Chris Borden]

This is an air check made in August, 1961 of my afternoon 3-6 PM stint at KEWB/Oakland-San Francisco. The format was pure Chuck Blore, who was national PD for all Crowell-Collier stations, with his concept of personality DJs, catchy jingles, contests and station promos.

The background noise on the tape was intended to create the illusion that the program was broadcast from "poolside", during warm weather.

Tech note from Uncle Ricky: All music was restored, with the exception of two selections that were unavailable or unidentified. Unfortunately, the newscasts and majority of commercial content was not included.

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