GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Chuck Buell for this Golden Gift from San Francisco.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (12KHz)
PLAY Chuck Buell, KFRC San Francisco, 1976 (04:45)

. . . show me the way, I forgot the way you showed me before, it was so interesting at the time . . .

[Description by Chuck Buell]

In Billboard Magazine, August 30, 1975, Claude Hall wrote in his Vox Jox column:

"KFRC won Top 40 Station of the Year, a much-deserved award, and strangely strange, Chuck Buell is one of the air personalities at the station. This takes on weird importance when you realize that previous stations Buell has worked at also won Station of the Year awards while he was there. This is the third such award for Buell to be associated with."
Here then, from a beautiful San Francisco afternoon in 1976 is Chuck Buell delivering his own inimitable high energy afternoon drive show on KFRC.
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