GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Chuck Buell who offered this aircheck to REELRADIO for SuperBuell Sunday, February 2, 2014.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Chuck Buell, KIMN Denver CO. March 31, 1982 (27:37)

. . . What is the difference between a man and a shower? . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Chuck Buell in 1982
Chuck Buell, 1982
This is a 'scoped aircheck of Chuck Buell on KIMN in Denver, Colorado, from March 31, 1982. KIMN, the leading Top 40 station a decade earlier, had evolved into a hip "adult contemporary" station with lots of news, traffic reports, and promotion.

Chuck wrote:

"You'll hear a feature I used to do back then from time to time called Chuck Buell's Afternoon Quickie!
I would pose a question that I would not give the answer to on the air, because the answer was always adult and 'naughty!'"

Chuck says that he doesn't remember most of the answers, though he may have them written down somewhere.

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