GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bill Dougan for his commitment to preserving the memories of Phoenix Top 40. This aircheck is one of two classic KRIZ airchecks made available to REELRADIO by Bill and Tom Konard of The Aircheck Factory.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (14.5KHz)
PLAY Chris Edwards, KRIZ Phoenix May 24, 1978 (58:12)

. . . I consider it a great honor to have worked here. . . .

[Description by contributor Bill Dougan]

For over twenty years KRIZ was a Phoenix Top 40 legend. By the late 1970's, even the growth of FM failed to dent the KRIZ dominance in the Phoenix radio market. Owned by Doubleday Publishing, KRIZ had the unique distinction of being one of the highest rated and top grossing Class IV stations in the country.

KRIZ would not face a fate common to most other AM Top 40 legends. KRIZ would never see its audience shares eroded away by the migration to FM. Instead, KRIZ died a swift death in a stroke of corporate politics.

Doubleday had plans for expansion but already owned the maximum number (seven) of stations allowable at the time by Federal regulations. Despite being a market leader, KRIZ was the smallest (Class IV) operation in the Doubleday stable.

KRIZ was sold to Family Life Radio in 1978.
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It's been gone for over 24 years, but KRIZ still remains in the memories of many Phoenicians.

In this selection, Chris Edwards plays a variety of hits that made KRIZ a classic Top 40 operation. This was Chris' last show on KRIZ, which within days would disappear from the radio dial forever. Chris' farewell cites the legacy of KRIZ: twenty two years of making the hits in Phoenix.

Aircheck Courtesy of The Aircheck Factory

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