GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Thomas O'Brien for his very high fidelity studio recording. The music was restored for this REELRADIO exhibit.
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. . . he was still dipping girl's ponytails in the inkwell . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

The venerable Dick Biondi introduces In The Beginning as presented by the Public Affairs Department of WCFL, possibly because it was unusual programming, and because nearly 40% of the hour consists of Dick reading the letters from people who had the wrong answers to the previous Mystery Singer question, or just wanted to say Hello. It was a program about the roots of rock 'n' roll.

In any event, continous references to "morning" and the Public Affairs reference suggest this was pre-recorded for presentation before morning drive, perhaps early on Monday morning.

Dick also offers two new tunes for identification, and there's a Top Ten of valuable records from a collector. Many collectors seemed to enjoy this show, and Biondi did build this - a radio community of record collectors and oldies fans. It may have been an overnight program, but WCFL was heard all over the midwest and east. And even almost ALL of the songs may be unknown to most REELRADIO listeners, but this is truly the stuff you won't hear anymore, anywhere, anyhow.

Contributor Thomas O'Brien worked with the radio engineer who saved this recording. It was received in 2012. The music was restored for presentation in July 2015.

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