GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jeff Demko for these contributions recorded during the first Radio Greats Weekend from WOGL-FM, Philadelphia, on April 24, 1993.
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. . . October, 1972, a disc jockey lies stricken by a heart too sick to go on, but not ready to give up . . .

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Dr. Don Rose
[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Doctor Donald D. Rose, who first went on the air in Beatrice, Nebraska on January 5, 1955, returned to Philadelphia on April 24, 1993 for the first Radio Greats Weekend on Philadelphia's WOGL-FM (Golden 98). This is most of his first hour, 10-11AM.

Rose opens with an emotional description of his near-death experience following heart surgery in 1972, then later acknowledges listeners, including "a 14-year old guy who purchased a tape called Cruisin' '67, which was an album I never did get paid for, made a demo of it, listened to it...". Rose advises the 14-year-old, now 18 and a DJ, that "the problem with radio is that your friends only love you for a little while, but your enemies hate you forever.."

George Michael is also featured in a short exchange with the Doctor. Don Rose passed away March 29, 2005.

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. . . One ship drives east, and another drives west . . .

From the second hour of Doctor Don Rose on the Radio Greats Weekend from WOGL-FM in Philadelphia, on April 24, 1993, a short tribute to the late Jim O'Brien, who died in 1984 during a skydiving promotion. Jim Gardner of WPVI-TV breaks into tears while speaking of his late friend.

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