GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bluegrass Bill for this great recording. It's truly a Golden Gift!
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PLAY Dan Ingram, WABC New York July 30, 1973 (38:38)
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. . . I understand that a whole crowd of ethnics has descended upon the garbage truck, with spoons and forks . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Here's the legendary Dan Ingram on WABC from July 30, 1973. This is a partially edited exhibit, beginning with most of Ingram's 2PM hour, but cutting abruptly to his traditional big-band show closer 36 minutes later. A short portion of ABC Contemporary News follows, with a report on the Watergate hearings.

Dan reads a Ronzoni spot over a classic PAMS bed, and we wonder if he was really confused regarding the six and a half-ounce cans of tuna, or if that was a gag, too?

In 1973, Ingram would have been at WABC for 12 years, having arrived before Rick Sklar joined the station. Does Ingram hold the record for longevity at WABC?

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