GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Russell Johnson for this very rare recording of another grand Top-40 news presentation - this one from Denver, Colorado, circa 1960!
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 16.2Kbps (8KHz)
PLAY Dave Rogers, KIMN Denver Newsic, September 1960 (03:41)

. . . This is KIMN, the Sweet Sound of Success . . .

Sadly, several minutes of this was cut because it was very noisy. I did try to save most of the marvelous production elements. This aircheck is fascinating. Here are pieces of the WFUN Fundamental News (1961) and the Todd Storz KXOK Essential News (1962). In fact, the Dave Rogers heard is David D. Rogers from the KXOK aircheck. The interesting observation is that this KIMN aircheck is from 1960.

Creator Bud Connell (see COMMENT) writes: "I created and voiced the original WNOE Intelligence Reports, music, intros, countdown and all, and introduced it in New Orleans in 1959. KIMN is a copycat of WNOE; Grahame Richards both consulted KIMN and voiced the intro and components of the KIMN format. My next incantation of the musical-news format was WFUN Fundamental News. I produced it and voiced the intro, close, countdown and all the formatics and aired for the first time upon signon of the new WFUN, Miami, in late January, 1961. My third and final version of the format was KXOK Essential News which I produced and aired in St. Louis beginning October 1, 1961. I was the voice on almost all the formatics: Openings, lead-ins, closes, and countdowns EXCEPT KXOK's where the voices I hired far exceeded my own."

This classic clip is another reason we will continue to extend our welcome to anyone who can share more of early Denver Top 40.

- Uncle Ricky
[Description by Russell Johnson]

This "recycled" aircheck includes a presentation of Newsic on KIMN, Denver, in September 1960. To explain the "recycled" nature of this aircheck, it was aired during Joe Donovan's Saturday Night Revival on WHAS, Louisville. I recorded it at my parent's house in southeast Iowa. The technical quality is only a couple steps above garbage. The Technics receiver I used performs best with a long-wire antenna, which I did not have. So, on short notice, *I* became the long wire. There are some drops in level where my fingers got tired and I lost contact on the terminal. And, there are a few static crashes from small thundershowers in my area.

The reporter for Newsic is Dave Rogers. I don't have any history, I was just a kid from Iowa listening to a station in Kentucky play an aircheck from Colorado! Some severe ionospheric fades were cut; the Pontiac dealer ad had a reference that dated it.

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