GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bill Dodd, ex-KSFO assistant PD. In 2005, Bill was Program Director at KLOG and KUKN in Kelso, Washington, when he contributed this exhibit.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Jack Carney, Don Sherwood, KSFO 1962 (14:58)

. . . Take your hands off me . . .

[Description by contributor Bill Dodd]

KSFO was always the antithesis of Top40, so I was surprised to find so much interest in the station at REELRADIO. I was an assistant to the PD at KSFO in the '70s, and I went on to program KOGO in San Diego, and lots of other things.

I've had an aircheck of Don Sherwood and Jack Carney together since 1962, when it was recorded at the station. I incorporated it into an hour long "blooper" show I did as a New Year's Eve Special on KSFO in 1977.

Sherwood was the morning man, Carney was on in the afternoon. They'd both been across the hall at The Tonga Room in The Fairmont Hotel, and one engineer was smart enough to roll tape when Sherwood started trying to crack Carney up.

It's impossible to describe how great KSFO was in its glory days. It was the crown jewel of the Golden West chain. I seem to be one of a very few people with actual audio of Sherwood at his best.

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