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PLAY Dickie Shannon, KYNA-FM Des Moines, IA 1971 (39:09)

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. . . I have ten chicks in my teepee . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Big Ron O'Brien followed this fast-talking Dickie Shannon on the short-lived KYNA-FM in Des Moines, IA, circa 1971. Because airchecks seem to come in clusters, it's likely this Dickie Shannon aircheck is from May 1971 also. One clue is Carole King qualifying for the Discovery jingle.

Hopefully, comments will help us identify the "Dickie" heard on this aircheck. He's a rock 'n' roll DJ for sure and even had his own jingle, though it's for "Dick Shannon". There was a "Dickie Shannon" at WBBQ in Augusta, GA. He passed away in 2007. There is a Dick Shannon who was in New England and Nashville, and is in Las Vegas as of April 2012. Is THIS "Dickie/Dick Shannon" either of those? Or another, altogether? And why do those jingles sound so familiar?

All music has been restored, with the exception of a horrid re-recording that is unbelievably bad. Thankfully, it could not be located and hopefully is lost forever. As evidence, there was enough from the original 'scoped presentation to make a "mini-song".

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