GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Eric Rhoads and Famous Amos.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Famous Amos & Others, KROY Sacramento & KIDD Monterey CA 1979-1981 (14:16)

. . . I'm the lovely and talented Famous Amos . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This demo cassette for Famous Amos (aka Russ DiBello, not the cookie man) was originally distributed in 1981. The version you hear here was personally processed by your very own personal Famous Amos in July, 2005. In January 2010, REELRADIO has additionally processed this exhibit to reflect Repository Standards for Apparent Loudness. It is still highly compressed — the way he likes it.

It begins with a number of production samples from KROY in Sacramento, circa 1979, and concludes with a few sets from Famous on KIDD in Monterey circa 1981. The KROY production segment also includes the voices of Lisa Kay, later at WPOC in Baltimore, Chuck Hale and Dean "Stevens" Compoginis, later heard on San Francisco radio.

Amos feels that his work during this period was some of his best. In 2005, he wrote:

Ah. Radio... I was never that good again, and I never designed or wrote any audio production that stunning, even with better or more modern toys. Note in my promos, my admonition to tune ALL your radios to 1240 KROY. This later, as you know, became a fixture of positioning statements and consultants everywhere. My life out there in California for all those years was a damned cool movie and I wouldn't have missed it for a better gig in Ohio or something.

Amos' intro over I Can't Help Myself (at 12:40) pretty much says it all...


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