GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bob Radil of West Haven, Connecticut for this Golden Gift from his personal collection.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (14.5KHz)
PLAY Greaseman Goodbye, WPOP Hartford, CT 1975 (24:38)

. . . I apologize for fillin' the water cooler with gin . . .

[Description by Bob Radil]

This is an aircheck of Greaseman's last half hour on WPOP, June 27, 1975. He started at WPOP in early 1974. His identity was kept top secret. At 4:48 he did a spot in character, and at 16:44 he presents a going-away song that he produced.

This was the start of WPOP's last weekend as a music station. You'll hear some of the (PAMS) jingles that they played in the mid '60s. The weekend that followed featured a retrospective of their previous top 40 years. After the Greaseman section there are a few breaks by Dale Denver, Ric O'Conner, & Jack Carney. Dale has since been heard in Boston as Mike Adams. As of March 2001, Jack Carney was heard on WDRC AM & FM.

At 19:20 there's a promo for their new news format. I originally stopped the machine but then apparently decided to let it run. The voice is that of Charles Steiner who later was with ESPN.

At 20:03 they played the "Joey Reynolds theme", and at 22:35, Scott St. James talks via phone about former Hartford mayor (the late) George Athenson. Scott did PM drive starting in Oct. 1970 calling himself simply "St. James". He later went to AM drive.

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