GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to John Mehno of Barden, PA. for this exhibit courtesy of Ric Collins of The Rege Cordic Website.
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PLAY Greg Scott, KQV Pittsburgh August 1, 1966 (31:14)

. . . Another week, full of fun-lovin' for ya . . .

Greg Scott
Greg Scott
courtesy John Rook
[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Yes, he says The Dave Scott Show. But you must listen carefully to this one - it is The Dave Scott Show with Greg Scott on KQV Pittsburgh, on August 1, 1966. He says so ("it's Greg Scott on the Dave Scott Show") at 30:17 into this exhibit. John Rook writes that "Greg grew up listening to his dad and delighted Dave when he also became a KQV on air talent." Greg Scott was the son of Daddy Dave Scott.

Charles Osgood and the ABC News report, bracketed by KQV newsman Al Julius, (starts at 5:51) is a standout feature of this unscoped 30-minute treasure. Remember the Austin (TX) Tower incident? And check out the progressive 1966 playlist! I mean, The Animals followed by Tommy McClain was obviously way too diverse for regulated radio — or was it just plain old Top 40?

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