GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to T. J. Donnelly of West End Media in Arlington, Texas and Hiney Wine, the fine California -Indiana -Kentucky -Toronto -Etc. wine that comes in a pop-top can!
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PLAY Hiney Wine Presents Rick Dees, WHBQ (30:12)

. . . Grab a little Hiney . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

"Hiney Wine has been one of the greatest comedy features that I have EVER used at KIIS"
- Rick Dees, Los Angeles

"When I moved from Q105 in Tampa to Z100 in New York, I made sure that I took my Hiney with me!"

- Scott Shannon, New York

Hiney Wine Seal

This composite, produced by REELRADIO, features selections from The Best of Rick Dees, Volume I and Hiney Wine Jingles, Volume I. The Dees segments were recorded at WHBQ and include sidekick and newsman Terrence McKeever. There are some classic and very funny bits here, including a confused and hilarious announcement for Cornhuskers lotion.

Contributor T. J. Donnelly writes that "the Dees show delivered a 17 share and was really the salvation of an AM rocker that was slowly dying as 3 FM rockers ate into our audience and eventually devoured us."

Hiney Wine is the comedy creation of Terry Dorsey and Donnelly, and was first syndicated in the early '80's. They became successful selling commercials about an imaginary winery operated by Big Red and Thor Hiney.

Dorsey got the idea of the Hiney Winery as a Dayton, Ohio DJ and in September, 1981 developed it into "commercials" at KPLX, Dallas, where Donnelly was GM. They pooled $2,000 initially and eventually sold their Hiney to hundreds of radio stations, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in Hiney merchandise.

Interviewed by AdWeek in 1984, Donnelly said "People seldom get angry when they find out there really isn't a winery. If anything, they are a little put out with themselves for going along with it so far."

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