GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Robert Snyder for this Golden Gift from our nation's Capital.
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PLAY Harv Moore, WPGC Washington, D.C. May 27, 1969 (45:59)

. . . Silver Springs? That guy's from outta town . . .

play This Exhibit 'SCOPED (15:07)

SCOPEDIf all you want is the jings and the jock and the news and the spots, this version's for you! Please remember that in addition to music licensing fees for the mostly UNSCOPED version, there are bandwidth and hardware costs for this 'SCOPED version, and anything streamed from REELRADIO. We welcome your support.
[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Long-time WPGC morning man Harv Moore, "The Boy Next Door", is featured here in the 8AM hour on Tuesday, May 27, 1969. The Apollo 10 astronauts had completed their mission two days earlier, and Summer Power is here, as the Good Guys take to the shore in their Beach Comber. This (mostly) unscoped exhibit features a short news update and a few musical surprises.

That trademark Morningside reverb is just right, and the folksy and casual Moore is heavy on his horn, goofy drop-ins and classic PAMS jingles.

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