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[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This exhibit is a composite of segments from WNBC-FM and WNBC-AM, from what we believe was May, 1973. The original FM recording was not anything close to complete. The small pieces provided were used to suggest some of the music that was restored. The Reverend Billy Sol Hargis and Crazy Bob segments were recorded from the AM broadcast, presumably from the same period of time, and mixed in for your enjoyment.

Murray The K makes an appearance. The FM recordings seem to be taken from Memorial Day, and portions (if not all) may have been pre-recorded for the Imus Weekend Show. The delightful thing here is that Imus is much friendlier to hear with better fidelity. On AM, his voice tended to sound very gritty, and his long, deliberate pauses were always filled with noise.

After you hear what Imus does to a few of the featured sponsors, it's not hard to believe that Cleveland was in his future. And, check out the unusual "97.1 WNBC-FM" ID at the end of this exhibit.

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