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PLAY Johnny Dark, KOMA Oklahoma City OK 1967 (05:22)

. . . My name is Johnny, it's gonna be Dark 'til noon . . .

[Description by contributor Fred Hendrickson]

I think Johnny Dark was also known as Johnny Bridges at KFRC, WOR-FM & possibly WFIL. This KOMA aircheck was right after returning to Oklahoma from KFRC.

He was hired by KOMA PD Perry Murphy who had recently come to KOMA from sister Storz station WTIX; Dark had gone to KFRC from WKY (also Oklahoma City) to work for PD Sebastian Stone after his friend, ex-WKY jock Howard Clark, had gone to The Big 610 via WTIX.

I believe KOMA PD Deanne Johnson had something to do with Howard going to WTIX to get him off WKY. Within a year after this aircheck, Dark went to work for Sebastian Stone again as Johnny Bridges at WOR-FM; then came back to WKY. He was on WKY and KOMA three times each. This is not the guy that used the name "Johnny Dark" in New York & Boston or the one in Dallas (who was Johnny Borders).

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