GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Michael Plath for this exhibit, contributed on the original 5" reel of 1/4 inch acetate.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Johnny Randolph, WAKY Louisville, KY April 29, 1967 (RESTORED) (24:17)

. . . All DJs compensated for each appearance, 'cause they're worth it . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

It was fun to restore this Saturday, April 29, 1967 reel-for-REELRADIO aircheck of Johnny Randolph on legendary WAKY in Louisville, Kentucky. Contributor Michael Plath wrote about the origins of this artifact:

quote It came into my hands around 1968 when I was production director at WTRY. George Williams was the PD, and when airchecks/audition tapes got old he would pass them to the production department to be re-used for spec spots. I used to listen to them when I had some spare time, and found the Randolph aircheck very cool, and kept it all these years. It's on a 5" reel, full track, decent quality (7.5ips) and scoped. I would like ReelRadio to have it. quote
Thank you, Michael. As you know, most of the jingles, all of the news, and nearly all of the promos and spots were edited or removed from this aircheck. The tape existed to get Johnny a job - that other stuff didn't matter. So, this restoration takes some liberties, simply cross fading and moving things around. The result: A 10-minute 'scoped tape from 1967 becomes a 24-minute restored exhibit in 2006. Hopefully it projects some of the excitement of this era at WAKY. Everything you will hear was on the original tape, but not necessarily in the order presented here.

A Special REELRADIO Thank You to Dennis Newhall and Tom Buck for their expert and willing assistance.

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