GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Buddy Blake, Publisher and Editor of Programmer's Digest, for his promotion of the business of music radio broadcasting in the early 1970's. His publication resulted in the preservation of important radio history that might have otherwise been lost. Buddy's motto at PD was "Thirst for knowledge, and drink from the fountain daily."
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PLAY Stan Kaplan: Radio Looks at Radio, 1973 (07:40)

. . . Radio is not a fish market . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Some bio information from The Charlotte Observer.]

Picture of Stan Kaplan
Stan Kaplan, 1973
Stan Kaplan, Charlotte (N.C.) broadcaster and political activist, passed away December 3, 2001 at the age of 76. Stan and his wife Sis were active in radio broadcasting from 1965 until 1986. During that time period, they owned and operated BIG WAYS and WROQ-FM in Charlotte, N.C., in addition to WAPE in Jacksonville Florida. In 1972, they founded a newspaper (The Charlotte Weekly) which became The Leader.

The Kaplans were influential in Charlotte civic and political activities for more than 30 years. Stan Kaplan was a decorated World War II veteran. As a civic leader, he gave to numerous causes throughout the area, many related to his Jewish faith. He was active in liberal politics and supported both the national and local Democratic party.

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In this two-part feature presented by Programmer's Digest in July and August of 1973 (Vol. 2, Issue 2 & Vol. 2, Issue 3), "Captain John", listed as from KHJ/Los Angeles, and John Young from KILT/Houston narrate a pre-recorded telephone interview.

Kaplan is remembered for his sometimes brash and always outspoken personality. In this presentation, he spoke passionately about his concept of Top 40 radio. In 1973, several traditional AM Top 40 stations had suffered significant audience erosion. He offers no kind words for the liner-card school of programming. Stan Kaplan was a practicing believer in the power of radio. His success was earned at a time when federal regulations prohibited multiple licenses in the same local service. The observations he offers are applicable to radio today, but sadly, not compatible with a business model that permits virtual monopoly.

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