GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Norm Gilbert for this Golden Gift.

While in high school, Norm's best friend worked for Jack Carney at KSFO in San Francisco, and he helped Norm get his first job in radio, answering phones at KSFO when the studios were in the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Norm's short radio career began as a summer relief engineer for KFRC in June of 1968. He left KFRC on December 31, 1968 to major in Radio and Television at San Francisco State University. He spent 15 years in TV, working at KRON, KPIX and KTVU. Norm says TV was never as much fun as the six months he spent at KFRC.

Norm has been selling market research for a division of Ziff-Davis in La Jolla, California, since 1992.

This was originally presented as our Y2K Holiday Special on December 31, 1999.

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PLAY KFRC Big 100 of 1968, Hits 97 - 69 (17:28)

Les Turpin started playing touch football with some child in bell-bottoms and got flapped to death . . .

Dave Diamond counts down the KFRC Big 100 of 1968 on December 30, 1968. Recorded at the station, the fidelity is outstanding.

This portion features hits 97 through 69 and the beginning of a KFRC newscast with Joe Stamper.

G2 5.0 compatible
PLAY KFRC Big 100 of 1968, Hits 68 - 55 (6:08)

Bad news about Jimi Hendrix - his clothes are going to leave him and form their own group . . .

Also from December 30, 1968: Joe Stamper concludes his newscast and Dave Diamond resumes the BIG 100 Countdown from #68 through #58. Frank Terry, subbing for K.O. Bayley, is also heard continuing the countdown with hits #57 through #55.

G2 5.0 compatible
PLAY KFRC Big 100 of 1968, Hits 12 - 1 (5:28)

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're listening to the Greatest Hits of 1968 - in order - The Big 100 . . .

The BIG 100 continued through New Year's Day. In this continuation from December 31, 1968, Dave Diamond counts down the top 12 (Hits #12 through #1).



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