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. . . Good Night on THAT one, Jeff . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Larry Lujack (d. 12-18-13) sounds happy this morning, and though he doesn't get the chance to play much music, he is quite generous with a transcribed Animal Stories from the day before and a Cheap, Trashy Show Biz report. WLS was running really long commercial sets, plus lots of news, but Larry's bits (and some of the commercials) are more entertaining than the well-worn songs.

The reverb is cranked up pretty hot, a little hotter for Larry than the newsfolks. Larry discusses his outrage over journalistic inaccuracies with newspersons Jeff Hendrix and Kathy McFarland. Bill Frink has sports.

This big AM radio station was still solid and making LOTS of money from the morning show in 1977.

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