GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Anita Bonita for this STEREO exhibit from Z-100 (WHTZ-FM) in New York City.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 96Kbps (16KHz STEREO)
PLAY Micky Dolenz Z100 WHTZ New York July 25, 1986 (18:09)

. . . he doesn't do, you know, none of the Monkees do any radio . . .

[Description by Anita Bonita]

Welcome To My Nightmare: in the middle of all the usual craziness of Z-100 Morning Zoo operations, just as the producer (yours truly) is trying to sneak in a special surprise guest (and cake!) for the anniversary of the PD/Zoomeister's birth, the PD is excitedly announcing the arrival of a core artist's eagerly-awaited brand-new record -- along with all the requisite label weasels, who must be stroked accordingly.

The main voices you hear at the start: Micky Dolenz, Scott Shannon, then-sidekick Jack Murphy, and John "Mr. Leonard" Rio. In the background, you hear the laughter of newsperson Claire Stevens (later heard reading the birthday list and "horriblescopes"), public service director John Bell, and me (when I wasn't scrambling to get stuff done in production).

In the end, Micky got to sing "Birthday" and present the cake to Scott, Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust" got carted up and made its major league debut ... and I lived to tell the story 18 years later. :-)

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